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Reecy Aresty will be presenting a FREE Financial Aid Seminar May 30th in Atlanta at the Wyndham Powers Ferry, 6345 Powers Ferry Rd NW.


Learn legal strategies to drastically cut the cost of college & the public is welcome!


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Divorced or Separated?

For Divorced or Separated Parents

If you are sending a child to college and are separated or divorced . . . STOP and read this important information BEFORE you fill out any forms or make any financial decisions!

If you already have a student(s) in college – call us ASAP!



Download Reecy's guide for
Divorced or Separated Parents here:

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How to Pay for College Without Going Broke ... but first you have to get accepted!


Can't pay for college? We can help!

A helpful family guide to college financing:  Don't despair if you have an acceptance letter, but not enough financial aid. Aresty says if you plead your case properly, you could increase your financial aid by thousands of dollars. I don't know how you analyze that stuff -- and you expose the truth - I love it!  Reecy -- you're so-o far ahead of the curve! That's The Savage Truth! ” - Terry Savage, Chicago Sun-Times

“This book could be worth thousands of $$$$$$ to parents... a treasure house of insider information and legal strategies to get your students into a college you never thought you could afford! I can tell you from first hand experience that Aresty was able to obtain over $18,000 of aid when the semester tuition was only $15,252! And he did it using an approach that would never have occurred to any of us!” - Bill Finley, Managing Editor, Boomer Times & Senior Life

"This book is not only helpful to families, but also great fun to read!" - Joseph F. Hurley, CPA, America's foremost authority on 529 Qualified Tuition Programs


While your first priority is getting your student admitted to the college of their choice, financial planning can begin as early as birth. In this book you'll discover:

  • How qualified students attend expensive private colleges for even less than state schools!
  • The four dates that are crucial when applying for financial aid!
  • How to prevent your family from becoming a casualty of the Financial Aid System!
  • How any family, regardless of income or assets, can qualify for $1,000's in financial aid!
  • How to legally avoid the 20% assessment on student assets and save thousands!
  • How Coverdell's and 529 Savings Plans can be hazardous to your financial health!
  • How divorced or separated families can legally cut the cost of college by as much as 90%!
  • How college families who took the Tuition and Fees Tax Deductions, if they qualified for the alternative, are guaranteed a refund from the IRS!

  • How accepting a school's initial financial aid offer is almost always a costly mistake!
  • How students living in a warm climate can save as much as $2,500, if they attend college in the frigid North!
  • How to appeal unappealing financial aid offers and negotiate for the absolute best possible financial aid package!
  • And so much more... (See the Table of Contents)

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