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E-Book Part 1 & 2: Admissions & Financial Aid
Learn how to get that all-important edge at application time and choose from over 40 income planning & asset repositioning strategies to qualify your family for maximum financial aid!
E-Book Part 1 plus a 30 minute admissions consultation
Getting in is the tough part! Reecy will speak to you and your student about sure fire ways to make admissions committees stand up and take notice!
E-Book Part 2 plus a 30 minute financial aid consultation
The money to send your son or daughter to the college of their choice is available! Reecy will discuss options that will work for your family's specific situation!
Update your E-book
... or hardcopy edition with the newest information including changes to the current laws! All new for 2014 (and coming soon; 2015 school year), don't miss this opportunity to update!

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