Payless For College

How to Pay for College Without Going Broke


Getting into college is your first step!

College Hall Graduate

Regardless of your financial situation, money is not your first concern! Being accepted to college is your number one priority! With far more qualified applicants than desks in all of America’s colleges and universities, the competition for an acceptance letter has never been more intense, but proper planning will guarantee your student a seat. Remember, all the financial aid in the world is useless, without that coveted ticket! In Part 1 of Reecy's Book, you'll discover:

  • How students can negotiate for better grades in high school!
  • The do’s and don’ts of the college interview!
  • When to ask for letters of recommendation - waiting too long can be costly!
  • Why only completing two years of a language can be better than completing three!
  • How to present applications, essays, and the rest of the student's paperwork, so admissions committees will stand up and take notice!
  • How to properly answer the question, "What other schools are you applying to?"
  • What every international student needs to know!
  • And so much more...
“Thank you so much for all of your hard work while helping me get accepted to the college of my dreams. You made the entire process so much less stressful because I knew I had someone to answer all of my questions and make me feel more comfortable. Your services have helped me so much on my way to attending the University of Pennsylvania. I greatly appreciate every time you answered my emails and phone calls to give me exactly the answer I was looking for. Working with you has just been so easy and convenient especially for such a complicated process. I am so glad I have you; so remarkable in your unique field. Your guidance has been truly indispensable to me during my journey into college.”
Caroline Kieserman-Shmokler, Coral Springs, FL

If you're mailing an application to a college that uses the Common Application (CA) and a school specific one as well, it could very likely enhance your chances if you don't submit the CA! They just might perceive it as, you really didn't care enough to send the very best!

The essays are your next concern in the application process, and you must be smarter than the question!  It is here that I also recommend a special essay. If any school you're applying to doesn't ask, "Why are you applying?", then in no uncertain terms, tell them in a very specific essay entitled, Why I Must Attend The University of...

Pretend it's the 1950's and Albert Einstein teaches Physics at Princeton. Perhaps it's the 1930's, Robert Frost teaches Poetry at the University of Chicago, and you've been writing poems since 3rd grade. Submitting this composition will absolutely add points to anyone's GPA! If a school does ask that specific question, then write a companion piece, We All Know What XYZ U Can Offer The World, Let Met Tell You What I Can Offer XYZ! Use bullet points and begin each one with an I.
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