Payless For College

How to Pay for College Without Going Broke

Become a Client


1.  Send us an e/m request or call 561.451.0111 to schedule a time for a “free” consultation

2.  Be prepared to discuss the following:


            a. student’s academic credentials, community service hours, class rank, GPA, SAT, ACT scores, etc.,

            b. student’s college hit list & planned course(s) of study

            c. student income & assets

            d. traditional family; separated or divorced

            e. college financial planning – custodian acct’s, Prepaid Tuition Plan, Coverdell, 529 Savings Plan

            f. parent income & assets – any non-qualified college savings plans, business owner, other real estate, LLC’s, etc.

            g. retirement planning is also discussed


By revealing the above, I will be in a much better position to make an assessment as to the extent to which we may be able to help you.


The next step is to review our Agreements, read some testimonials and make a decision as to whether the family wishes to hire us.  If not, we wish you all the luck in the world.  If yes, then we will request copies of tax returns, & statements of the above to be in a better position to recommend any income planning and/or asset repositioning strategies that are time-tested, have been used by us for decades, and are all legal, moral and ethical.