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How to Pay for College Without Going Broke

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“Reecy Aresty is an informed, interesting, and complete source on all matters relative to circumnavigating and understanding the quagmire that funding for higher education is in this day and age.  He would be a compelling guest in any radio/TV talk format, and I very much look forward to his next appearance with us!"

Brad Shepard, WHYN News Talk 560, Springfield, MA


“A helpful family guide to college financing:  Don't despair if you have an acceptance letter, but not enough financial aid. Aresty says if you plead your case properly, you could increase your financial aid by thousands of dollars. That's The Savage Truth!”

– Terry Savage, TV commentator on CNN, CNBC, PBS, NBC, and the nationally syndicated Chicago Sun-Times personal finance columnist


“There’s a lot of interesting points in this book.  It’s a really good read for folks because it gives them the inside scoop and so many books don’tYou have so many great tips in hereImportant informationInteresting, creative financeThis is really about protecting your assets and your child’s assets even if you’re not really wealthy…”

Emmy award-winning TV journalist, Mary Caraccioli, Money Matters Today, CN8-TV, Philadelphia, PA


“Having Reecy Aresty on our show was a real eye opener. He revealed to our audience several must-know financial aid secrets from his book, ‘How To Pay For College Without Going Broke!’  His knowledge of the intricacies of the financial aid system is quite impressive, and we look forward to having him on again to discuss admissions strategies that every college applicant needs to be aware of.  Because college admissions and financial aid is an ongoing process, he is truly a guest for all seasons!”

– Don Marvin, WWDB Venture Talk Radio 860, Phila., PA

With Reecy's book, “You can send your kid to a private school and actually end up saving money!”

– Rick Sanchez, The Rick Sanchez Show, NBC 6, Hialeah, FL


“This book could be worth tens of thousands of $$$$ to parents or grandparents facing the rising costs of a college education.  Not written just for lower income families, Aresty’s book is a treasure house of insider information and legal strategies to get your students into a college you never thought you could ever afford! I can tell you from first hand experience with the author, that Aresty was able to obtain over $18,000 of aid from Princeton when the semester tuition was only $15,252! And he did it using an approach that would never have occurred to any of us!”

– Bill Finley, Managing Editor of Boomer Times & Senior Life


"I have read several different books on this subject, and this is my favorite one out of the bunch. Reecy Aresty, a financial advisor who specializes in college financial aid, has written a book that details practical advice and tips on how to prepare early for getting into college, beginning with the student's high school freshman year.  There are sections on financial assistance and information, but the main brunt of the book focuses on getting into the school in the first place. The later chapters feature financial planning, and how colleges and the government look at financial assets when computing a family's expected financial contribution. Aresty's book has just the right amount of information, and also the right kind. "How To Pay For College Without Going Broke” is the perfect book for parents who don't have a clue about the process as it stands today.”

– Anise Hollingshead,


“Filled with trade secrets and insider information, it is more than just a guide but a virtual manual on how to send America's students to the college of their choice without spending their family's life savings!  It should be required reading for every parent of a college-bound student!  The valuable tips on the College Funding Process and particularly the Income Planning and Asset Repositioning Sections, will save families thousands of dollars!”

–Florida’s Education Times, The Voice of Education, Palm Beach County edition


“I was impressed with this treasure trove of information, strategies, and resources.  Available in English and Spanish, whatever your financial status, Reecy Aresty’s, “How To Pay For College Without Going Broke,” offers a must have guide for anyone seeking or planning for higher education whether the prospective student is two or fifty-two...”– Charlene Austin, Writer’s and Readers Network


“Reecy Aresty, author of  “How To Pay For College Without Going Broke,” is a college admissions, financial aid and overall financial expert who can help you position your family so that you can take advantage of financial aid and get your kids through the best colleges!”

– Mike Schiano, Live on Incharge Radio


Reecy wrote, ‘How To Pay For College Without Going Broke,’ with the idea to give thousands upon thousands of families an opportunity to get into college and not have to pay exorbitant costs. People can use it to get a step-by-step guide to go from point A to point B to get the college education they want without having to pay the high cost…”

– Socorro Serrano &Nelson Salsa, Sunday Edition, 97.1 KLSX FM Talk, Los Angeles, CA


“I can’t say it enough. The name of the game is to get over the misunderstandings and misconceptions that are out there about college financing.  It’s confusing.  It’s intimidating I know, but there are some financial aid packages available to you, you may not even know about.  Help is on the way. His name is Reecy Aresty. He is an authority on college funding. He has even authored a book on the subject...”

– Bill Adams, Sunday Morning Magazine, Sunny 104.3 WEAT-FM, West Palm Beach, FL


“This book is not only helpful to families but also great fun to read!”– Joseph F. Hurley, America’s leading authority on 529 Qualified Tuition Programs

“You were great and very insightful for our listeners. You bring to light what many don’t know.”

– Shannon K. Rose  Executive Producer of Mark Larsen’s “Morning Magazine” on NewsTalk AM1040 Tampa Bay AM 1190 WAMT Orlando, FL


“We have been providing college educational funding services in our financial practice for the past 12 years. There has always been a void in the information that was available in the market place. The void was in the area of the college application and admission process. There was plenty of information available from the outsider’s view about the mechanical how of the process but there was never available an insider’s view about how to change the process to make it work more positively and effectively for the individual college applicant. Your book has filled that void.


The college applicant is now able to get valuable information on how to make yourself appear as a more desirable candidate for the college. It answers questions about “how do I respond to a rejection?” as well as “How do I negotiate the amounts given in the award letter?” Thank you for your excellent work that fills this void and allows us to be more effective in our assistance to families going through the maze of college application and funding options.”

– Jerry Stellick, President, The Shield Financial Group